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  • Robin Kastengren

The Point Still Stands

If I was "homicidal," why did they give me Prozac and send me back to school in the morning?

The only people I ever hurt with my fists in high school (except that one girl) were the boys who would trap me in the stairwells bc they knew I would freeze if I got scared.

I couldn't muster a punch my Freshman or Sophomore year, but I managed in my Junior year. I got a lot of free school vacations in the form of suspensions and self-granted leave and the boys left me alone after that.

But, of course the message I got from my parents and school administrators is: We don't hit people to solve our problems and never that boys aren't allowed to do that to you. Nobody ever cared about that part.

Anyway, it appears I don't have to reimagine my 20s and 30s, at least for now. So back to the laundry and dishes and that's a relief.

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