Professional Copywriting

I love writing blog posts and articles for the web, but my services don’t stop there. Whatever project you are working on, I can help you find the right words to get your messages heard.  Whether you need a newsletter, white paper, sales letter, ebook, Tweets, Facebook updates, or any other content, I’ve got your words covered.

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Business Blogging

The purpose of a business blog is to provide your audience with valuable information while also bringing in new business. Blogging can help boost your SEO efforts by giving Google and other search engines plenty of material to satisfy searchers. It can also boost your online presence, and serve as a vital component of your sales funnel, whether that's at the top to attract new customers, in the middle to nurture a few along the path, or at the end to answer questions before reaching the decision to choose you.

My expertise as a blog copywriter lies in my ability to capture your voice and your branding and craft messages specifically tailored to your audience. You can expect flawless copy, complete with all the SEO elements you need, presented in a way that your readers will find interesting and engaging.

Find What Works for Your Business

If you just need a few posts to fill in some gaps on your blog, no problem. If you already have a content calendar set up and are ready to line up a series of scheduled posts, let's get to work.

If you have no idea where to start, start here:


Social Media

Staying connected is the name of today's digital marketing game. Your customers are on social media, and they're hoping to find you.

Not all businesses are a good fit for every social media network. There's no need to stress about having your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn while worrying if you should be learning about SnapChat, Tumblr, Tik Tok or whatever the latest platform is.

Instead of spreading yourself thin, you need a concentrated strategy on only the networks that make sense for your business. Quality; not quantity. No idea where to even start? I can help.


Basic social media packages include a roster of 12 custom, unique posts meant to meet your business goals. Hashtag recommendations, audience research, and best days/times to post for your industry and niche are always included. Need more? Let me know what you're looking for and we'll figure it out together. 

Not sure where to start? Start here:

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White Papers & Ebooks

Premium content such as white papers and e-books are perfect for gated content or for bringing leads a little further down your sales funnel as you move toward closing the deal.

For your premium content to be effective, it must be persuasive, authoritative, well-researched, and tightly focused on a specific topic. It also must be well-written and error-free if you want your readers to find it authoritative. 

While most premium content finds a way to tie into your core business, or to a particular product or service, they are not meant to be a very long pitch. Instead, use them as an opportunity to educate your readers so potential customers are confident when choosing your company and current customers make the most of your products and services.


Website Pages

Developing the right website content requires the ability to see the big picture. Your website must have great content that is organized logically, written clearly, and is easy on the eyes.

Great website content does the following:

  • Has a consistent voice throughout the entire website.

  • Gets the readers attention, and then answers their questions

  • Gives readers instant information: it must be easy to digest.

  • Makes navigating your site intuitive. Good content will walk the reader from landing, to information, to “contact me.”

  • Contains the right SEO keywords and search terms so you rank higher.

  • Looks good on the page: long paragraphs and unbroken copy make readers click away faster than any other factor. Good organization will keep visitors on your page longer.

Great website copywriting makes all the difference.

Whether you need a single page added to your website, rewrites of your existing copy, or fresh copy for your entire site, you can expect clear, professional writing in a conversational tone that gets you results. Your products or services will be presented well, without overselling or gimmicky tricks, and presented in a way that looks good on the page. 

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Editing & Proofreading

Every time you communicate with the world, whether it's an email, a blog, or your entire website, you need to look and sound professional. If you like what you write but you're not confident that it's publish- or send-ready, I'll make sure it's flawless.


Content Strategy

Being heard above the noise is challenging in an oversaturated digital landscape. To make the most of your marketing dollars, your efforts need to be cohesive and goal-oriented. If you don't have a strategy, you won't even know when you've found success.

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