A few samples of my work from around the web. I'm happy to provide industry-specific samples upon request.


How Ebooks Benefit Content Marketing

Piles of Books

Client: Zerys

Blog posts and articles don’t leave you with a lot of room to go in-depth about any of the business solutions that you provide. Ebooks are the perfect opportunity to expand on different facets of your business or topics in your industry that you think people will benefit from understanding.

5 Critical Business Blog Mistakes

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Client: Zerys

Blogs are a great place for businesses to establish a personality and connect with customers. Business blogs can also be a place where dry, boring, and stuffy content goes to die. In order for your business blog to be successful it has to be something that people want to read. Find success with your business blog writing by avoiding these critical mistakes.

Spring Break Ideas

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Client: NLSD 122 Fdn.

As spring and summer breaks approach, kids and parents start to look forward to relaxed mornings and long, lazy afternoons. It’s usually around the second or third lazy afternoon that one of the kids says, “I’m bored,” and parents start longing for school again. Here’s a few ways to keep the kids busy so you can keep your sanity