• Robin Kastengren

Why You Should Invest in Content

Content makes all the difference--especially for small businesses with small budgets.

If you’re not sold on the content marketing concept yet, it’s time to have another look. Besides the fact that most of your competition is already gobbling up your customers’ attention with their content, here are four more reasons to give it a shot.

1. It Works

No, I’m not talking about vitamins and belly wraps. Content marketing is a proven way to get more people visiting your website and converting more of them into leads. In fact, according to Hubspot, companies with 51 to 100 pages on their website generate almost 50% more traffic than those with fewer pages. Blogging can also help boost your traffic by up to five times more than the traffic of companies that don’t blog.

2. Content Marketing Keeps Your Social Feeds Fed

Social media marketing can be tough for businesses that don’t generate a lot of their own content. There’s only so many inspirational quotes and interesting articles you can share before people stop checking in with you. Creating fresh, new content is the best way to keep the feeds fed with information that people will read. You might even find some of your content being shared when you create it from scratch.

3. Doggone It, People Like It

When consumers are considering products to buy, they turn to the web to start researching. A 2013 study found that 81 percent of consumers research online before purchasing big-ticket items. Content marketing provides the information that shoppers are looking for along with plenty of reasons to choose you over the competition. You can tell your story, show that you’re the leader in your industry, and showcase what makes you stand out from the crowd.

4. Content is SEO Magic

If you spend a little time learning about how people search for your products online, you can compile a list of search terms—or keywords—to include in your content and generate a long list of topics to cover in your blog. When you provide useful information and actionable steps that people can take to solve their problems, Google and other search engines will be happy to start including your content in their list of search results.

Go On, Give it a Try

Content marketing has provided small businesses a way to compete with big businesses for attention on the web and offers a great way to get more website visitors to convert into customers. Go on, give content marketing a try. It’s worth the investment.

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