• Robin Kastengren

Rehabbing Your Email Marketing Strategy

email remains such a vital marketing and advertising tool

Because email remains such a vital marketing and advertising tool, it’s important to revisit your strategies from time to time to make sure you’re getting the most from your efforts. Today we’ll take a look at good ways to get more subscribers to your email lists so you can keep them refreshed and full of engaged readers.

1. Revisit your Opt-Ins

Opting in is really the only way to obtain subscribers as you never want to start sending messages to people that have not asked for them. Take some time to go through all your opt-in opportunities and see if they need to be freshened up. Make sure you are offering something valuable in exchange for contact information, and that your offers are prominently displayed and your calls-to-action stand out.

If you need a few new ways of collecting subscribers, try a few offline methods. Get a set of business cards with an offer printed and carry them around with you to industry events. Mail a special offer to a group of potential customers and promote your newsletter on regular correspondence with current clients. Or, host an event and do a drawing for a prize with email addresses.

2. Keep Your List Clean

Maintaining your list is an important part of both keeping it successful and making sure it continues to grow. If you are annoying anyone who has signed up, they will unsubscribe without hesitation. Make sure your privacy policy is clear and always provide an easy way for people to remove themselves from your list to keep things above board.

It’s also a good idea to comb through your list periodically to make sure it is well segmented. This will prevent someone from receiving the wrong message at the wrong time. Group anyone who has not clicked or made a purchase recently and create a special message to try to get them reengaged. Make sure that unsubscribes are being honored immediately. Also, make sure that regular customers do not receive any welcome messages or messages aimed at reactivating quiet recipients or they will feel unappreciated.

3. Revamp your Content Strategy

If your open rate is lower than you want it to be, take a look at your subject lines. Are you using clear and compelling language? Are you creating a sense of urgency? Are you giving readers a great reason to click?

If your messages are being opened, but not getting much action after that, rethink your layout and your wording. Are you sending too many ideas in one message? Are you including a relevant offer? Is your offer prominent and near the top or is it buried at the bottom of the email?

An Oldie but Goodie

Email may be the oldest method of digital marketing, but it is still one of the most effective. Make sure you stay on top of the current best practices and stay in touch with what your readers want to receive. That way, your lists will grow, your unsubscribes will shrink, and you’ll get more clicks and follow-throughs from your messages.

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