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  • Robin Kastengren

Quick Note Re: Church Before I Head to the Garden

First, the idea of a stranger doing my laundry is enough to make me want to just buy new clothes instead. Dishes are the first thing I do in a home that looks like it might need help. I do check with someone in charge to see if doing the dishes would be offensive in a way I might not be able to predict before I start, tho.

Anyway, back to Jes.

I can't do the church stories or the hellish way they came back to haunt me a month ago regarding my own children and my family. Those just bring on the panic and I'm late enough getting the garden going for my preferences.

Here's the thought I can do, however. It will never stop being interesting to me that people can blather on about how much Jesus is an actual deity who did things on the planet Earth that we still inhabit today. They can carry on as much as they like, all over Facebook day and night if they like, and nobody is allowed to do a fucking thing about it.

But Jeez (I like the look of Jes better but I know nobody will hear Jeez until I spell it out at least once) forbid someone go on a rant about actual ways the church has caused harm, harm that has been proven to have happened to countless children who were forced to attend Catholic churches in their childhood, and people think it's YOU who is the crazy one?

An actual human-deity that walked on the same dirt I now walk on is real, but priests being kiddy fuckers and nuns being groomers is "crazy" lol

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