• Robin Kastengren

Qualities of Viral Content

What makes content go viral?

It's what every blogger and article writer hopes to achieve: content so exciting and unique that people can't help but click “like” and “share” on all of the social media platforms. So how is this pinnacle of online writing achieved? These four elements are common throughout all viral content:

1. Unique Content.

The information must be able to make the reader feel as if they have struck gold. They should say “a-ha!” and then feel compelled to let everyone else know about it. The reader gains a bit of information and then gets to have a moment in the spotlight as the one who discovered the news and was kind enough to make it available to their entire social media network.

2. Easily Shared

Make it shareable! It's not 1990; nobody is copying and pasting URLs into their email to send articles to each other anymore. Put buttons on your content that link to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and maybe an email link. If someone still insists on emailing it, at least make the process technologically advanced.

3. Nuggets

The answer to all of life's problems: nuggets. When it comes to viral content, your post needs to contain a bite of information that can be digested in one shot. No cumbersome paragraphs, no clicking required – make it skimmable. Deliver a great nugget of information with an intriguing photo and you're done.

4. Consistency.

Ok, viral content doesn't come from anybody consistently. If you're regularly blogging and updating your website with articles and other content, unless your name is Miley, it is unlikely that your every move will go viral. However, regular updates with solid, fact-based content will make readers trust your information. Your status as an authority will solidify and the next time you deliver the perfect nugget to your readers, they won't hesitate to click “share.”

Are you ready for your content to go viral? Let's start building your reputation and establishing your voice online. Contact me to get your blog rolling.

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