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Four Signs Your Inbound Strategy Needs an Overhaul

Creating an image for yourself online is an essential component of any marketing strategy.

Creating an image for yourself online is an essential component of any marketing strategy. Now more than ever, customers are turning to the web to find answers to their problems and researching solutions before deciding where to spend their money. If they land on your company, chances are they will thoroughly investigate your web presence before ever making contact. Are you doing enough to snag the customers that are digging into your online reputation? Here are 4 signs you might not be.

Not Enough Content

You know that having a lively blog is key, yet your blog gets updated once per month. And that's only on a good month. You know that social media is the next big thing, so you've set up a Facebook page and signed up for Twitter... but neither has been updated in weeks. If you're not putting out enough content, then your inbound strategy is dead in the water. Consider hiring a writer (ahem) to bring your blog back to life and to jump-start your social media presence. Your online reputation will immediately get better and you'll rest easier knowing that this essential part of running your small business is being handled.

Poor Organization

Ok, so maybe you're pumping out content, but it's a bit willy-nilly and all over the board. While this might be a bit better than doing nothing at all, you're not maximizing the potential that your online reputation has. Your blog should have clear goals and a plan to achieve them. Your social media profiles should be like little cheerleaders out on the web rallying for your company and your blog. Cheerleaders work in unison, and they take direction from the leader so be sure your cheerleaders are all singing the same song or the message might get lost in the excitement and noise.

Me, Me, Me

Yes, your blog is all yours, but that doesn't mean it is a platform to talk about yourself endlessly. You do want to promote your company and your products a bit, but the main goal of your blog should be to educate and inform your readers – to solve their problems – and to quietly lead them to your products by way of these solutions. If you're doing nothing but running ads on your blog, you're wasting your time and an overhaul is overdue.

Frozen in your Tracks

If you're brimming with ideas, have tons of content written, and have brilliant thoughts you want to share but you're just not sure how to make the most of what you've got, then it's time to flesh out a strategy. Enlist the help of a content planning professional (hi!) to help you sort everything out and get you unstuck. Sometimes all you need is a nudge in the right direction to turn your website into a lead generating machine!

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