• Robin Kastengren

Five Reasons You Need Great Content

Without great content, you can't expect great customers.

1. Marketing: The Best Web Copy Brings Your Customers to You.

Your potential customers need to be able to find you by doing a simple web search. If your name doesn't come up, you'll never be found. The number of customers who use the Yellow Pages is dwindling; instead, more and more are turning to Google. Great web copy is optimized to show up when your customers are looking.

2. Staying Power: The Best Web Copy Keeps Them Reading.

Simply writing for the search engines may be enough to get readers to your page, but it's not enough to keep them there. The best web copy will engage your readers so they stay on your website longer, click more links, and read more pages. This means you have more opportunities to convert casual readers into real leads.

3. Informational: The Best Web Copy Clearly Spells Out Your Services.

A few seconds on your website is all a customer should need to know precisely what you do and why. They should not need to dig around and read a bunch of pages or hesitate to contact you because you might not serve their exact need. Great web copy will be clear and concise while also being engaging and compelling.

4. Brand Loyalty: The Best Web Copy Makes You Look Good.

Creating a business and launching a website means you have to take the time to consider your brand, and along with it, the look and feel of your website. This is a defining moment for you and your company, and each decision should be made carefully – from your logo to your chosen colors, each will serve to visually characterize who you are when you can't stand in-person and do it for yourself.

Your web copy needs to match this branding and it needs to match the feel you have created. Your copy should be written like your customers speak so they are comfortable and don't feel like you're talking over their head nor being condescending. Poorly written content will take apart all the work you have done; the best web copy will make you look better and feel more trustworthy.

5. No Web Copy is Better Than Bad Web Copy.

You might think that as long as you have something there – just anything slapped up so people can find you – then you're better off than the guy who doesn't even have a website at all. The truth is that poorly written content will turn customers away and leave a bad taste in their mind. When those people encounter your company in the future, they might not remember why they don't like you, but they won't be primed to engage with you.

Overly sales-y content, bragging and stuffed pages, grammatical and spelling errors, or factual errors are all reasons why readers will click the “back” button, and never come back. Instead, make the main focus of your website educational and informative for your visitors, and keep the hard sell for your products and services pages.

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