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  • Robin Kastengren


It's times like this that I miss the mom I pretended I had the most and the only reason I can even breathe in my chair at 11:03 am on this Wednesday morning is because my kids will be home soon.

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It has been a terrifying five months, I will admit. I know much more now at the ass end of this than I ever thought I did in the 15 years I’ve been with my wife. With the exception of a few trusted pe

She let him take away my speech therapy and put me in a class I couldn’t keep up with. It was a good idea since we had to go to school with her brother’s kids. What could possibly go wrong when you ta

Dave Matthews once said, “Keep the Big Door open. Everyone will come around.” Yes, I’m beginning my goodbye letter with a Dave Matthews quote so everyone knows it's really me. I know my family doesn’t

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