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Ditch that Personal Email Account (ASAP!)

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

If you are using a free email account from providers like Gmail and Yahoo, you could be doing a disservice to your business—especially when it comes to email marketing. The situation is even worse if your address is overly personal (i.e. kittenlover2015). Here are 5 reasons why you need to invest in a more professional email image for your company.

1. Image is Everything

When customers do business with a company, they want some reassurance that they are working with an established organization. Those free email accounts do not exactly provide that layer of confidence that consumers are looking for.

For one thing, they are largely anonymous and disposable. Google does not seek to verify any of the information you provide and does not have any restrictions about having multiple accounts and closing them on a whim. They also look “cheap,” or like you do not want to invest a few bucks into getting a real address.

2. Stop Marketing for Yahoo

Every time you give out that Yahoo (or Gmail, or AOL) email address, you are doing a bit of free marketing for them. Trust me, they are doing just fine and do not need the extra help from you. Instead, give your own company and website a boost by promoting it from your email address.

When you share your address with an associate, or hand out a business card with it printed on the front, the recipient will then have the opportunity to go to your website and investigate you and your business further. There is no way for this to happen when you are using a free, generic account.

3. Fewer Spam Reports

Most email services will “trust” free email accounts less than professional ones. If you are sending messages to current and prospective clients, you could be winding up win the Spam folder instead of the Inbox. This is because those free accounts are not verifiable and, in most cases, email servicers will dump them into the junk box.

Keep it for Personal Messages

If you find that you are having trouble parting with a long-loved email address, it’s ok. You can still keep it for personal communication. In fact, most people prefer having a separate account for business matters so they never have to worry about mixing the two and accidentally forwarding that hilarious joke to that not-so-friendly client.

However, when it comes to your professional messages, it’s time to step up your game. If you already have a domain, Gmail for Work is a super simple way to get a professional-looking account with all the ease that Gmail provides. Plus, most website hosts offer webmail services or ways to connect clients like Outlook without requiring you to run your own Exchange server.

It’s so simple to do; there are really no more excuses. Go fix it!

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