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2020 Trends: Topics are the New Keywords

Semantic search is changing how users interact with Google, and that means your content creation strategy is ready for a refreshing change.

The Internet is Boring

Your business relationships will soar when you separate yourself from all of the pop-ups and blinking banners and tricky SEO techniques.

Five Ways to Improve Your Web Copy

Keeping your readers engaged is essential no matter what your business is. From plumbing to accounting, every business needs good copy.

Qualities of Viral Content

It's what every blogger hopes to achieve: content so exciting and unique that people can't help but click “like” and “share."

SEO Myths to Leave Behind

SEO gives websites better visibility. When you can drive traffic from search without paid advertisements, you will find the best ROI.

Why You Should Invest in Content

Not sold on the content marketing concept? Your competition is a gobbling up customer attention, plus 4 more reasons to think again.

SEO Best Practices for Small Business

As SEO continues to evolve, small businesses can feel unfairly burdened with trying to keep up. Here are a few shortcuts to help you compete


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