About Robin...

I specialize in the copywriting needs of small businesses and individuals. I love to work locally to give my community a boost, however, making any community better is always good so I take clients from all over the world. I have been providing effective, goal-oriented copy for clients in every industry for more than six years.


My favorite industry to write for is marketing and advertising as it gives me an opportunity to learn new things that I can then apply to my own strategies in the future. I love copywriting for real estate agents from both the buyer and seller perspectives, including all steps of the process and mortgages. Home services are another personal favorite, and my years of writing for plumbers, HVAC technicians, roofers, cleaning services, and a variety of others have made me one confident homeowner! Lastly, creating content and strategies for small, locally-owned businesses will always have a special place in my heart. I work in your coffee shops and lunch spots, and poke around in your retail stores while letting ideas bounce around in my head. If you're in the Aurora, Oswego, or Naperville areas, let's get together!

In my past life, I’ve worked for advertising agencies, marketing firms, and Press Associations so I have a lot of knowledge about print and online advertising and marketing. I’ve also worked for real estate agents and property management/construction companies as an accounting assistant. I spent several years providing IT support in a mixed Windows & Mac environment. I’m a bit of a techie and a nerd and parts of my home have a tendency to look like a corner of Best Buy.

In my off hours, I like to get down in the mud with my three ridiculous kids. Finding new ways to keep them outside and entertained is something I love doing. We lean towards the tree-hugging eco-geek lifestyle in our home so we try to find creative ways to reduce and recycle and the kids love to find interesting ways to be green around the home. We grow a garden in the summer and batten down the hatches in the winter; we separate the trash and try to eat organic, locally sourced food. We don’t always succeed but we have fun trying.