Website Content

Developing the right website content requires an ability to see the big picture. Your website must have great content that is organized logically, written clearly, and is easy on the eyes.

Good website content does the following:

  • Has a consistent voice throughout the entire website.
  • Gets the readers attention, and then answers their questions
  • Gives readers instant information: it must be easy to digest.
  • Makes navigating your site intuitive. Good content will walk the reader from landing, to information, to “contact me”.
  • Contains the right SEO keywords and search terms so you rank higher.
  • Looks good on the page: long paragraphs and unbroken copy make readers click away faster than any other factor. Good organization will keep visitors on your page longer.

Great copywriting makes all the difference

A beautifully designed website is only as good as the words on the page. If your content does not have the right SEO keywords and SEO search terms, nobody will find you. If your pages are difficult to read, contain a bunch of sales hype, or are organized poorly, readers will simply click away and try somewhere else. Great copywriting will showcase your business and turn visitors into customers.

Your home page needs to be simple, exiting and informative. Your “about me” page is where you give a voice to your company. It is a place where you can feel free to brag about your credentials and accomplishments, but you must take care not to bore readers with long lists. Your FAQ page can be a gold mine of information for your customers, keeping them coming back time and again to find answers. Your blog needs to be easy to read, and updated regularly. You do have a blog, don’t you?

Get great website content that gives you results

Whether you need a single page added to your website, rewrites of your existing copy, or fresh copy for your entire site, you can expect clear, professional writing in a conversational tone that gets you results. SEO keywords are applied seamlessly to your copy, nothing will ever look stuffed, soaked or padded. Your products or services will be presented well, without overselling or gimmicky tricks, and presented in a way that looks good on the page. Headlines, subheadings, bullets and lists are all part of the package.



Get words that work.