Why Shoe Fittings are Important

  No two feet are the same – not even on the same body. Children’s feet are constantly growing and changing. The shoes they wear during childhood will ensure that their little feet are developing properly and that no problems develop that will carry into adulthood. Getting your children’s feet measured and having the rightRead More

Ideas for Spring Break

As spring and summer breaks approach, kids and parents start to look forward to relaxed mornings and long, lazy afternoons. It’s usually around the second or third lazy afternoon that one of the kids says, “I’m bored,” and parents start longing for school again. Here’s a few ways to keep the kids busy so youRead More


Go Nuts! Study Shows Nuts Help You Live Longer

Along with that apple that you’re eating every day to keep the doctor away, add in a handful of nuts to seal the deal! The report, published by scientists from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the Harvard School of Public Health in the New England Journal of Medicine, also studied how nuts protectRead More


Does “Organic” Really Mean what You Think it Does?

Not all foods that are labeled “organic” are as free from chemicals or genetic engineering as we might think. Check out this story of a kid who does the “potato experiment” to see how long it takes a potato to sprout in water. You might be surprised at the different results that she found inRead More