Original Content vs. Curated Content


Content marketing is all about getting the right materials to current and future customers so they not only have the information they need to feel confident about buying a product or service, but also want to purchase it from you. Of course, creating original content on a continual basis is exhausting. Finding the right mix of original and curated content will help you reach your goals without burning out. [Read more…]

Content Marketing for Startups

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Small businesses and startups can feel as if they are at a disadvantage in the content marketing world. Small budgets, no history, and usually no writers on staff can lead to one of two things: either there’s no content marketing at all or, worse, there’s a bunch of poorly planned, hastily created content that’s not getting the job done.

What to Do?

As a startup, you will need a few customers in order to get the ball rolling. However, with so many people turning to the internet to look for products and services, without a great web presence, you might have a hard time getting found. Establishing a content strategy—even a small one—will help you establish that presence that you can snowball into a long-term plan. [Read more…]

Are You Pinteresting?


An Egg Carton Chandelier…” by Jodimichelle via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Social media plays a key role in a successful marketing plan – especially when it comes to connecting with your customers. Facebook and Twitter are probably the most popular outlets, but there are lots of other avenues to explore including LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+. Today we’re going to have a look at Pinterest, a platform dedicated to those who like their information visual. [Read more…]

Feature Watch: Facebook Pages to Watch & Save Feature


Social Media” by Yoel Ben-Avraham via Flickr | CC by 2.0

Making the most of Facebook marketing for your small business means understanding the tools that are available and how they can help you succeed. Two fairly new tools, Pages to Watch and Save, can help you keep tabs on the competition and keep track of posts and links you want to save for later. [Read more…]

Do I Really Need 1 Million Social Media Followers?


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The race is on and accumulating social media fans and followers is a top priority among social media marketers. There are services that promise to build your network of followers and the platforms themselves offer paid campaigns to help you grow your base. Is all this popularity really necessary? Will having 1 million Facebook Fans really help propel your small business to the next level?  [Read more…]

Social Media: Is it Right for You?

photo credit: “Atlanta at Sunset” by Steve Hardy | CC BY 2.0

photo credit: “social networking” by Sean MacEntee | CC BY 2.0

I’ll admit it: I’m not the best at keeping up with my professional social media accounts. Part of it is that I spend a lot of time coming up with content for others that by the time I get to my own stuff, I’m burned out. The other part, though, is that I’m not always convinced that it’s really worth the effort to keep up with everything and maybe my time is better spent focusing on other activities.

So, is social media right for your business? [Read more…]

Ventra: A Social Media Case Study

photo credit: “Ventra Press Event" by Stevev Vance | CC BY 2.0

photo credit: “Ventra Press Event” by Steven Vance | CC BY 2.0

Social media. It’s what every company is talking about and what every marketer is pushing on their clients. You have to have a social media presence. Sign up for Twitter and start Tweeting. Get on Facebook and start talking. Get Instagram and Pinterest and start sharing the image love with the rest of the world. Just do it, they say.

The problem is that without the right guidance and without solid planning, utilizing tools that regular people like to use to stay in touch with their friends and families can backfire. Horribly. [Read more…]

Social Media: The 80/20 Rule

Social Media: 80/20 Rule

Balancing the amount of valuable information you share via social media with the amount of time you spend talking about yourself is the key to a successful social presence. There’s room for a bit of self-promotional material but if you go overboard your followers will start to feel spammed and start wandering away. The 80/20 Rule of social media engagement serves as a guideline to help you find the sweet spot. [Read more…]

Fundamentals of Blogging: Promoting Your Content and Measuring Success


8504892871_53bbde45dd_mAlright, here we go. The last step in the Fundamentals of Blogging Series. So far we’ve determined who we are writing to,  what you are saying, and we have taken the basic steps to optimize your posts. Everything is in place, so now it’s time to promote your content and measure your success.

Blog promotion isn’t the same as advertising, and it’s going to be a little different for every company and every blog. Here’s the standard set of blog promotion tools:

[Read more…]