3 SEO Myths to Leave Behind


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important way to give your website better visibility on the web. When you can drive traffic from search without coughing up the dough for paid advertisements, you will find the greatest ROI on your content marketing efforts.

On the other hand, if you have been reading up on SEO, it can start to feel like it’s all a game full of confusing rules and a bunch of cheaters. It does not have to be so messy if you stick to the basics. If SEO is giving you a headache, maybe one of these three myths is getting in your way.

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SEO Best Practices for Small Business


As Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to evolve and become more complex, small businesses can feel unfairly burdened with trying to keep up. Big businesses have big budgets that can accommodate on-staff specialists or a fancy marketing agency. Small businesses, on the other hand, usually need to stretch every marketing dollar to stay profitable.

If you need a few SEO shortcuts for your small business, try these best practices to make sure your content hits all the right notes without the expensive specialist fine tuning it.

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How SEO Works Today

In my last post, I talked about how SEO evolved right alongside the web. As websites became more prolific and pages became more complex, SEO developed into a complicated strategy with plenty of ways to cheat the system. This post will look at where SEO stands today so you can understand how and why SEO is still important to your overall strategy—just not the central focus.

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The History of SEO

In the next several posts, I’ll be talking about SEO to help you understand what it is, where it came from, and how important it is to your content strategy.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of tailoring your website and web pages to boost the amount of traffic you get from search engines. Good SEO practices will also increase the quality of the traffic to your site, so you get more traffic from people who belong there, and less from people who don’t.

How it all Began

In the 1990s, search engines were just entering the internet world. Until then, you had to know where you were going before you could go there. Sites like Excite and Lycos debuted and began using crawling technology to index all the pages on the web while other sites like Yahoo! started creating databases using results that are tabulated by humans. These databases were searchable and allowed people to discover new websites and new information while also allowing others to rank them. [Read more…]

SEO For Blogging

icon_12039Getting Your Blog’s SEO Ducks in a Row

There is a wealth of information about how to increase your SEO from producing great content to quality link building to increasing your social media presence. Blogging is a great SEO tool in itself because it puts more of your content out on the web, it is a great place to incorporate a wide variety of keywords, and it gives you fresh material to promote on your social networks.

Writing great blog content takes a lot of work, but you shouldn’t stop there. You want to make sure that your blog is working as hard as it can for you by making sure all of its SEO ducks are in a row. If you’re new to blogging or new to SEO, this guide will help you set up your blog’s framework and establish some good habits so as you delve deeper into the world of SEO, your blog is already working diligently at your side. [Read more…]

Fundamentals of Blogging: Optimization

7460433282_bce3bfba18So far we’ve determined who you are writing to and what you are saying. Now it’s time to talk about the next fundamental component of blogging: optimization. More than just SEO, optimizing blog posts involves ways to engage readers, to provide them with reasons to respond to your Calls to Action, and how to reach more readers.

Get Off to a Good Start

First, make sure you have a good title. Titles should be eye-catching and should contain your keyword, but more importantly they should compel the reader to click it and see what’s inside. Titles should be short, try to to have more than 10 words, and get right to the point. [Read more…]

Fundamentals of Blogging: What are you saying?

6277209256_934f20da10On this second step of the Blogging Basics series, we’re discussing killer content. On the first step, we figured out who we are talking to. Knowing the reader is an essential first step as each article and blog post should be a custom message that truly speaks to the reader as an individual.

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Fundamentals of Blogging: Who are you talking to?

3534516458_48e4e8595f_zSo, you’re ready to start blogging. Or, maybe you’ve been blogging for some time now and have not seen the big spike in revenues that everyone talks about. Before you throw in the towel, make sure you’re doing it right. If the function of your blog is to provide customers with valuable information while bringing in new business, then there are a few fundamental components that must be present.

In this series, I’ll break down the components of business blogging so you can learn more about what they should be made of and see if yours is missing any vital components. This post is about your target market: who are you talking to?

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Trending: What, exactly, does this mean?

trendingYou’ve probably seen or heard the word “trending” while checking your favorite websites or watching the morning news. What, exactly, are they talking about? In the past, trends described financial markets or fashion styles, but in today’s speak “trending” refers to a topic or event that is very popular and is part of many conversations online.

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SEO Copywriting: What is it?

The letters stand for Search Engine Optimization. What that means in simple words is writing copy that features keywords or phrases that people are likely to search for so that a page will rank well in the search results for those terms. For example, if you’ve written a “how to” for refinishing hardwood floors, when someone goes to Google and types in “refinish hardwood floors” you’ll want your “how to” to be in the first several results of that search.

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