Recruitment Advertisers: Content Marketing is for You, Too!


Jobs Help Wanted” by photologue_np via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

The bleak job market of the last several years coupled with the rise of digital technology has led to a serious decline in the newspaper Help Wanted section. In the past, when someone was browsing for a job, she would grab a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper and start circling interesting positions from the hundreds or even thousands of job ads. From quick four-line ads to beautifully designed, full-page, four-color advertisements, the Help Wanted section was bustling and it was where employers and employees got together.

Today, even the mighty Chicago Tribune has only a few pages of Help Wanted ads to flip through and much of the content is helpful articles about resume writing, interview skills, and networking. The job market is slowly coming back, but where is everybody? On the internet, of course.  [Read more…]