6 Benefits of Ebooks for your Content Marketing Campaign


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Blog posts and articles don’t leave you with a lot of room to go in-depth about any of the business solutions that you provide. Ebooks are the perfect opportunity to expand on different facets of your business or topics in your industry that you think people will benefit from understanding. Beyond the opportunity to go into detail, ebooks also provide several benefits that will strengthen your content marketing efforts.

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5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid With Business Blog Writing

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Blogs are a great place for businesses to establish a personality and connect with customers. Business blogs can also be a place where dry, boring, and stuffy content goes to die. In order for your business blog to be successful it has to be something that people want to read. Find success with your business blog writing by avoiding these critical mistakes.

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Sincere Selling: 5 Secrets to Crafting Honest Marketing Copy

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Nobody really enjoys being pitched to – especially on the internet. Instead, people like to be informed and educated before they make decisions about what to buy. Learn how to get rid of the sleazy sales-speak and deliver better content that is interesting, engaging, and informative.

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7 Ways to Capture Customers with Business Blog Content

photo credit: “Day 194” by Pascal | CC BY 2.0

photo credit: “Day 194” by Pascal | CC BY 2.0

Business blogs are different from entertainment or hobby blogs. Along with being entertaining and engaging, business blogs must also be informative and meet marketing objectives. These 7 tips will give you the tools so you can focus your content and engage your readers so you can turn your business blog into a lead-generating machine.

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Why Shoe Fittings are Important


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photo credit: “Swing” by Boudewijn Berends | CC BY 2.0

No two feet are the same – not even on the same body. Children’s feet are constantly growing and changing. The shoes they wear during childhood will ensure that their little feet are developing properly and that no problems develop that will carry into adulthood. Getting your children’s feet measured and having the right shoes selected by a trained fitter is essential.

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Ideas for Spring Break

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photo credit: “A Kid’s Joy” by Paul David | CC BY 2.0

As spring and summer breaks approach, kids and parents start to look forward to relaxed mornings and long, lazy afternoons. It’s usually around the second or third lazy afternoon that one of the kids says, “I’m bored,” and parents start longing for school again. Here’s a few ways to keep the kids busy so you can keep your sanity.

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Go Nuts! Study Shows Nuts Help You Live Longer


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Along with that apple that you’re eating every day to keep the doctor away, add in a handful of nuts to seal the deal! The report, published by scientists from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the Harvard School of Public Health in the New England Journal of Medicine, also studied how nuts protect us from specific causes of death.

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Does “Organic” Really Mean what You Think it Does?

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Not all foods that are labeled “organic” are as free from chemicals or genetic engineering as we might think. Check out this story of a kid who does the “potato experiment” to see how long it takes a potato to sprout in water. You might be surprised at the different results that she found in a conventional potato, a supermarket organic potato, and an organic potato from a local farmer’s market.

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Sample: Living in Hanover PA

This is a sample of an overview page.  The goal of the page is to describe why a particular location would be an ideal place to relocate. Pages like these can be used on a real estate blog to drive traffic for location-specific search terms, or used in the sales packet for a particular home for sale.

photo credit: “Atlanta at Sunset” by Steve Hardy | CC BY 2.0

photo credit: “Utz in Neon” by John Lloyd | CC BY 2.0

Hanover, Pennsylvania, is a town of 15,000 people situated about twenty miles southwest of York and about 40 miles south of Harrisburg in York County. Most households in the area are families with children that enjoy a comfortable living. Most of the residents work in Hanover, or nearby areas, and the great majority of Hanover residents enjoy a commute that is under 15 minutes.

Things To Do In and Around Hanover

The Hanover area is not known for being a hub of contemporary entertainment, however, most of the local residents appreciate this fact. It does have a few new locations that are creating some buzz around town including two outstanding sushi restaurants and a contemporary diner with a full espresso bar and free WiFi.

Hanover also has its own performing arts center for stage performances and an art gallery showcasing local artists. The nearby Codorus State Park has plenty to keep the whole family active including cross-country skiing, swimming, scuba diving, hiking, biking, and more.

For more on what to do around the Hanover area: | Things To Do in Hanover, PA |

Business and Economy

The York Hospital and York County are two of the top employers in Pennsylvania. Other top employers in the state include Hanover Hosptial, Utz Quality Foods, and SL Snacks (Snyder’s of Hanover), all of which are located in Hanover. There are many opportunities for long-term employment in the immediate area, as well as in nearby areas making Hanover a great place to settle in to raise a family.


Hanover can be accessed via State Routes 116, 194 and 94 and is just a short ride from US-30 which heads West to Gettysburg or East to York. The nearest major interstate is I-83 to the East and I-81 to the Northwest. Hanover is also served by the Rabbit Transit bus system that connects downtown Hanover to downtown York, downtown Hanover with the North end of town and the retirement village, and downtown Hanover to south Hanover.

If you’re heading out of town, Harrisburg International Airport is about an hour’s drive North from Hanover or Baltimore-Washington International Airport is an hour to the South.


Children in Hanover are served by the Hanover Public School District which is comprised of three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school, and the South Western School District which is comprised of four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Both school districts rate adequately by GreatSchools.org for state test scores and graduation rates, and many of the schools receive a four out of five, or even a five out of five from parents in the area.

Homes in Hanover

There are still several farms, ranches, and other undeveloped land in Hanover with many for sale each year. A large number of the homes in Hanover were built in the early 1900s. Some of them have been beautifully restored while others await a creative eye. The average home price in Hanover, PA, is between $140,000 and $160,000.

sources: city-data.com; greatschools.org; zillow.com; smartmarket.org