5 Steps for Content Marketing Success

Content marketing is not something that businesses or advertisers should attempt to do without a plan. To be successful, a content marketing strategy needs to have all the right pieces in place, and it needs enough time to work. If you are considering launching yourself into the world of content marketing, here is a 5-step plan for success. [Read more…]

4 Factors of Content Marketing Success

By now, most companies and brands have heard about the success of content marketing, and they are ready to jump in. On the other hand, an unplanned content marketing strategy will not be much more helpful than skipping content altogether. Before you jump in with both feet, learn about what will make your strategy successful.

1. A Clear, Written Plan

A plan starts with a goal, so your first step is to figure out what you want your content marketing strategy to accomplish for your company. Then, figure out how to get to that goal using a blog, premium content, social media, and other promotional outlets. The more fleshed-out your plan is, the more likely it will be to succeed. This is because your entire organization will be able to understand the plan and how each individual can contribute to it.

2. Using Great Writers

Not everyone was born to be a writer and trying to fit a round peg into a square hole will only make everyone miserable and your content awful. If you have great writers within your organization, use them! However, do not try to force your creative team into creating 500 words of outstanding content every day if they are not that into it.

If you are struggling to get the writing done right, you can hire a full-time copywriter or make use of freelance writers who love to put together amazing blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, and other content for a variety of companies (hint, hint!). Or, if you have someone on your team who is a natural-born grammar nazi, see if you can put that to good use by having him or her become the editor for the stuff that’s created by everyone else.

3. Targeting Correctly

Getting your content in front of a huge audience sounds like a great idea, but only if that audience has some interest in your topic. When you are searching for promotional outlets for your content, you always want to start with the audience’s interests and not the popularity of the publication. It does no good to get a guest blog spot in the world’s biggest fishing blog if you are trying to educate people about business tax deductions.

The same goes for social media audiences. Instagram has amassed an impressive number of users, but they are also almost completely image based. I mean, you could try posting pics of your deductibles, but it probably won’t resonate well with the audience. Instead, you might try turning to LinkedIn or Twitter, and leave Instagram to the gardeners and fashionistas.

4. Measuring Results

Content marketing is more than just dumping words and images around the web. Measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns is an essential part of making sure you’re investing resources well. You also have to figure out which metrics to follow to make sure you’re meeting your goals. Getting a huge jump in website traffic is a great thing, but if it’s not leading to more conversions, then your overall strategy still needs work (assuming your goal is more conversions, of course).

Get Help in the Beginning

Getting a content marketing strategy off the ground can be an overwhelming task for even the most experienced marketers. Investing in a good strategist will help make your transition smooth and successful. It will also help you give your team the right tools so they can start leading more initiatives themselves instead of relying on outside help.

5 More Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing is such a great resource because the investment is so small, and the returns can potentially be huge. On the other hand, a poorly planned or executed email campaign will not only get lackluster results, but it can also lead to a lot of unsubscribes and wasted resources. If your current campaigns are not working as well as you hoped, see if you are making one of these critical mistakes. [Read more…]

5 Tools to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

The early stages of a content marketing campaign can be exciting and move along quickly. Then, after a few months go by, you start to run out of blog topic ideas and your social media marketing efforts get a bit stale. The bad news is that new and fresh ideas and perspectives are the keys to content marketing success. The good news is that these slumps happen to everyone! Here are 5 tools to help you beat your slump and boost your content marketing efforts. [Read more…]

Breaking Through the B2B Armor

Reaching a B2B, or business-to-business, audience takes a bit of extra attention. In this space, you are often competing with a lot of other companies for the time and attention of your audience. At the same time, your audience consists of people who are working, so they do not have a lot of time for distractions. Here’s what you need to know to break through and get the attention of B2B audiences. [Read more…]

Hitting the Right Notes for Your B2C Audience

Now that you know the difference between the B2C and the B2B audiences, let’s take a look at how to best reach each type. Keep in mind that one person can be a part of both audiences so you are not exactly targeting different people. Instead, you are trying to tailor your content so that it meets that person’s needs in the role they are currently playing. First up is the B2C audience, or direct consumers while they are not at work. [Read more…]

B2C vs. B2B: Why Does it Matter?

The first rule of content marketing is to make sure your content speaks directly to your audience so it connects better with your readers. To understand the best path to making that connection, you have to first find out where your customers are when they are looking for products and services.

Two Types of Audiences

The first type of audience is commonly referred to B2C or Business to Consumer. This audience consists of regular people that are shopping for products and services while they are not at work. Think about someone who is looking for clothing, groceries, electronics and gadgets, home improvements, children’s items, entertainment options, and other similar items.

The second type of audience is commonly referred to as B2B or Business to Business. This audience is made up of people that are looking for products and services as part of their job. Think about an office manager shopping for office supplies, IT personnel comparing software solutions, or a CEO considering a location for the annual retreat.

Who Cares?

[Read more…]

Storytelling and Content Marketing

You may have heard that content marketing is a great way to tell your brand’s story. Or, perhaps you’re trying to keep your individual pieces of content more interesting by weaving stories throughout the writing. These are both great ways to keep customers connected with your brand—if you are doing it right.

Remember that storytelling is about connecting with real people, something that your entire business centers around. Storytelling helps to bring your business concepts down to a human level, down to something that everyone can connect with. [Read more…]

3 Ways to Revamp your Email Marketing Strategy


Because email remains such a vital marketing and advertising tool, it’s important to revisit your strategies from time to time to make sure you’re getting the most from your efforts. Today we’ll take a look at good ways to get more subscribers to your email lists so you can keep them refreshed and full of engaged readers. [Read more…]

Original Content vs. Curated Content


Content marketing is all about getting the right materials to current and future customers so they not only have the information they need to feel confident about buying a product or service, but also want to purchase it from you. Of course, creating original content on a continual basis is exhausting. Finding the right mix of original and curated content will help you reach your goals without burning out. [Read more…]