Blogging Services

Individual Posts

If your blog is up and running and you just need a few posts to fill in some gaps, individual posts can be created. You’ll need to provide the preliminary title, target reader, and perspective and I’ll take care of the rest.  Blog posts start at $50 per post for a basic post of 300-500 words and increase at $25 per additional 250 words. You will receive a well-researched post, 2-4 appropriate links, and two revisions.

Blog Series

A series of blog posts can be purchased as a package. Save 10% on a purchase of 5 posts or more as a single package. A series of 5 posts or more will require a fixed Content Plan, either yours or one we design together.

Content Planning Services

Planning your web content requires a strategy. Posting random topics on your blog might attract a few hits, but it won’t increase your credibility or drive many customers your way. Having a Content Plan in place also means you’re not struggling for topics to write about to keep your blog updated. When we work on a Content Plan together, we’ll determine the following:

  • Who you are talking to. We need to know who your reader is so we know what to say and how to say it. These are often referred to as “buyer personas” and are an essential part of the blogging process.
  • What you are trying to say. We need to know what messages your readers need to get, whether it’s key industry news, valuable how-to information, or other relevant information.
  • How you want to say it. Knowing the right approach will make all the difference. Depending on your business, a friendly and approachable tone may be appropriate, for others a very professional tone is better.
  • How often to post. This can be tricky. For some industries, a very solid post once per week is all that’s necessary. For others, lighter and more entertaining posts a few times per week will work better. We’ll figure out what works for you.
  • Social Media Integration. Do you need Facebook posts or Tweets to go along with your new blog posts? Is it the kind of content that would do well on Pinterest? Integrating social media into your content planning can take your reach to a new level.

If it sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. I have a questionnaire to send over to point you in all the right directions and to spark ideas. Content planning starts at $500 for an initial consultation and includes 3 months worth of planned posts. If you already have the preliminary work done (you know who your reader is, you know what you want to say and how you want to say it), Content Plans can be made at $150 per month for a maximum of 12 posts per month (3 per week).


Get words that work.