Fundamentals of Blogging: Who are you talking to?

3534516458_48e4e8595f_zSo, you’re ready to start blogging. Or, maybe you’ve been blogging for some time now and have not seen the big spike in revenues that everyone talks about. Before you throw in the towel, make sure you’re doing it right. If the function of your blog is to provide customers with valuable information while bringing in new business, then there are a few fundamental components that must be present.

In this series, I’ll break down the components of business blogging so you can learn more about what they should be made of and see if yours is missing any vital components. This post is about your target market: who are you talking to?

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Trending: What, exactly, does this mean?

trendingYou’ve probably seen or heard the word “trending” while checking your favorite websites or watching the morning news. What, exactly, are they talking about? In the past, trends described financial markets or fashion styles, but in today’s speak “trending” refers to a topic or event that is very popular and is part of many conversations online.

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SEO Copywriting: What is it?

The letters stand for Search Engine Optimization. What that means in simple words is writing copy that features keywords or phrases that people are likely to search for so that a page will rank well in the search results for those terms. For example, if you’ve written a “how to” for refinishing hardwood floors, when someone goes to Google and types in “refinish hardwood floors” you’ll want your “how to” to be in the first several results of that search.

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The Call to Action: Is Yours Working?

One of the main purposes of a business website and blogging is to increase business. You want customers to be able to find you, to learn what you’re about, to learn about what products or services you offer, and then contact you. This process of turning website visitors into customers is called conversion, and one of the best ways to waste conversion opportunities is to make it difficult for the customer to reach you.

image: Sean MacEntee via flickr

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5 Reasons To Hire a Freelance Writer


If you have content that needs to be written, choosing between an in-house employee, a third-party employee (i.e. contracted via a marketing firm), or a freelance writer may not be an easy choice to make. For some businesses it can be clear from the start that a full time, in-house writer is the way to go. If that’s not you,  consider these five reasons to hire a freelance web copywriter. [Read more…]

4 Qualities of Viral Content

social mediaViral Content. It’s what every blogger and article writer hopes to achieve. Content so exciting and unique that people can’t help but click “like” and “share” on all of the social media platforms. So how is this pinnacle of online writing achieved? These four elements are common throughout all viral content: [Read more…]