5 Tools to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

The early stages of a content marketing campaign can be exciting and move along quickly. Then, after a few months go by, you start to run out of blog topic ideas and your social media marketing efforts get a bit stale. The bad news is that new and fresh ideas and perspectives are the keys to content marketing success. The good news is that these slumps happen to everyone! Here are 5 tools to help you beat your slump and boost your content marketing efforts.

  1. Google Trends

While Google’s keyword planner is great, Google Trends is another excellent resource for finding new topics to talk about. This tool will help you see what ideas are popular in different regions and whether certain ideas are rising in popularity or petering out. This is helpful because some of those keywords with low search volume may be on the rise and by the time they start to top the charts, you’ll already have a ton of content ready.

  1. Squirrly

This handy little WordPress plugin helps you research keywords as you are creating new posts. If you are the type that likes to create your content on-the-fly without a whole lot of planning ahead of time, this is a must-have tool for you. As long as you have a general idea of what to write about, Squirrly will help you optimize your content and keep an eye on its performance in the future.

  1. Quora

I’ll be the first to tell you that this is not a great source for the easily distracted. However, it is a great place to find out what people want to know. You can search the site and see what commonly asked questions are and discover common misconceptions that you can sort out in a blog post. Beware, however, because sometimes this one can lead you down the rabbit hole of wasted time faster than YouTube.

  1. Evernote

While this particular tool won’t help you develop new ideas from scratch, it is the ideal way to collect and organize content from around the web to inspire your next posts. As you are reading and browsing, you can clip bits and pieces or entire pages and keep them until you are ready to write. Grouping your findings is super easy and being able to actually read what you’ve saved (rather than clicking through an exhausting list of bookmarks) makes this tool a must-have.

  1. Professional Services

When you just cannot dig deep enough to find something to write about, or you have ideas but you cannot seem to turn them into useful blog posts, leave it to the pros. Professional content writers can take your ideas and flesh them out into interesting and engaging posts that you can either use as-is, or add your own voice to make it unique. And no, this isn’t cheating. Even the President of the United States employs writers for his speeches and social media.