5 More Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing is such a great resource because the investment is so small, and the returns can potentially be huge. On the other hand, a poorly planned or executed email campaign will not only get lackluster results, but it can also lead to a lot of unsubscribes and wasted resources. If your current campaigns are not working as well as you hoped, see if you are making one of these critical mistakes.

  1. Overdoing the Subject Line

While it is true that a catchy headline will get you more clicks, if you do not deliver on the promise that your headlines make you mill only alienate your readers. The term “clickbait” exists for a reason: people feel duped when they bite, but the offender does not care because they got the clicks they were seeking. Keep your headlines energetic and magnetic, but also keep them honest.

  1. Sending from a “no-reply” or “info” Address

If the first thing that someone notices is that your messages came from a machine—and that’s what those “no-reply” addresses look like—they are less likely to see what you’ve sent them. Not to mention the fact that “no-reply” immediately gives the recipient the feeling that you have forced a one-way notice upon them instead of inviting them to read a message from you. It’s ok to use a separate email address for your marketing needs, but still use your real name so people know you are human.

  1. Pointless Messages

Of course, the message probably does not seem pointless to you. However, if you are not spending enough time segmenting your lists and targeting your messages carefully, that is exactly what some of your recipients will think. People already get more commercial email than they want to deal with, and if your messages miss the mark, you’ll rack up unsubscribes or even spam complaints.

  1. Competing Calls to Action

Each of your messages should have one main goal, and the majority of the message should be directed towards achieving that goal. While one secondary goal can still work in most cases, tossing in a bunch of competing offers will only lead to reader overload and they are more likely to bail out of the entire message rather than sift through your offers and choose one that they like. Instead of trying to cram more offers in one message, segment your list further and get the right offers to the right people.

  1. Infrequent Messages

The only thing worse than sending too many messages is not sending enough. When you let your addresses get stale, people will start to forget about you. Then, when you finally get around to sending a message, they may have forgotten why (or if!) they ever signed up to receive email from you to begin with. Make sure you send messages consistently and frequently enough that you maintain the connection. Once a week is plenty and once a month is about as infrequent as it should ever get.

Getting it Right

Email marketing is an effective way to stay in touch with leads and customers, but only when you get the formula down right. Don’t forget to test frequently to find out what it is that your readers respond to the most!